Fingerprinting services

We are certified by:

  • Department of Justice (DOJ) – CA
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) CA

For Livescan no appointment necessary.

For Ink Card with appointment.

For 2 or more people, call ahead of time


FORM – Bring  “Request for Live Scan Form” Please fill out required fields Correctly, including your Social Security Number.

FORM OF IDENTIFICATION – Bring a valid photo ID, example are the following; CA Driver’s License, CA ID card, Out-of-state, Driver’s License.

SECONDARY FORMS OF ID: (ONE OR MORE) – Example: US Passport, Social Security Card, Foreign Passport (w/ appropriate immigration document), Certificate of Citizenship (N560), Certificate of Naturalization (N550), Resident Alien Card (issued since 1997), or Employment Authorization Card.


Utility Bill (address), Voter registration Card, Vehicle Registration card/Title, Paycheck Stub with NAME/ADDRESS, Cancelled Check/Bank Statement, Mortgage Document.

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OR COME TO OUR LOCATION AT 5000 East Spring St. Suite 400 Long Beach, CA 90815 (Directions)

Fingerprinting services

  • Level 1 & 2 Background checks
  • Certification
  • Licensing
  • Background screening
  • professions with applicant for employment
  • Plus many more

“Thank you American Health Biometrics for making it so easy to have a live scan. Your company is successful because of its customer services, you guys are highly recommended. Well done!”.

We provide reliable and timely fingerprinting services for everyone who needs it. Our live scan scanner is the top of the line, which means that no matter what your fingerprints look like, it can be dry/wet, we can still process your fingerprints without any worry that you might get rejected for poor quality of your fingerprints. we have 99.% of passing rate, have splendid customer service, we are here to help you with your fingerprinting needs. Walk-ins are available but to avoid  waiting, appointments are welcome .

American Health Fingerprint

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    • What we do here is only taking finger print and sending it to who ever is concern, if you have any problem like if you didn’t get your result in 2 to 3 days after you did your Live scan then you can contact DOJ for the result. If your result is rejected, please call our office right away for re submission (you need to come here to the office and do the finger print again, NO FEES), but once your file is purged (after a month from your Live Scan) in our system then you can’t do re submission but redo the Live Scan and pay again.
      Thank you and I hope I answered your Question.

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